Friday, 10 April 2015

AB, Budda, Mate x

Argh, this blog really has grown legs hasn't it?  I've been away for a week and two of my most beautiful friends have both written amazing pieces to add to my little world that is "Over the Rim".  Thank you Kylie and Sam.....  So without further adieu, here is my incredible friend Sammy Enjoy.  And I will be strong enough in the next day or two to write my own piece. Namaste x

“ I have 3 relationships when I am with them”    I eagerly reported back to my mate (another Adam) only a few weeks ago, “ I love them so much. I get to have a relationship (friendship) with Jodes, one with Budda and then the two of them together.  I am so lucky.”

Those words are still true to this day except I now “talk” to Adam in his shed or around the point. Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea, but I can still hear his voice just as if he was here.

It’s a weird thing this death thing. And I really hope Jodie doesn’t mind me writing so candidly about it. 
You see, little Jodes, is my mentor, my amazing friend, who has seen me through thick and through thin. She (and Adam) have been there for me in my darkest hours and I would do any thing to bring Adam back for her, but I just don’t think I can!!!   (Damn it all).   

So now with tears cascading down my face, I just want to write so much: Adam, death,
Jodes, the boys, Coochie, tinder tragedies (OMG) that just made me laugh.

I first met Adam (AKA Budda, AB, mate, president - I was his vice president for a year or two) eons ago.   

Upon moving to the Gold Coast, another life time ago, I started paddling with Gold Coast Dragons. I didn’t know much about much but I did love our sunset paddles, travels, and parties with the crew, who were to become my family.   And it was a family.

We were a gang, a family, a core of athletes who were to become world rivals in an upcoming  sport called dragon boating. But our fun didn’t stop on the water... we used to do gym  together, sushi together (Jodes can you remember that time I walked into the glass door on Chevron?), we did drinking together, parties, M parties, C parties, B parties, hell this  was my closest I had ever come to family.  In fact most of our family got married (even me
for a brief time).  We were closer than any thing I knew.

Adam was one of my favorite mates. Not many people mentally challenged me like he did.  I loved it.   It was like a game of “who dares wins”. You dare to make a statement - then GO!   

We would have fantastic debates, and I don’t recall winners (librans aren’t like that) but I  do remember learning.  Deep breaths and going OMG - now I see the world slightly

When I took this pic AB was swimming and we 
were blabbing about cold fronts and 
how cool they looked 

I am so grateful for those chats, many over the years - BBQs, meetings, Coochie deck, my old house and dinner parties! I miss you so much mate.

Anyway this death thing is bizarre. And I don’t mean that with any disrespect to Jodie, the boys, the Bowdens or anyone else. Death is just plain not “normal”. 

I have nursed my whole life, sat with people taking their last breath, saved people who took their last breathe, and was only 12 years old when my mum died.

My mum was 33 years old when she died. Way too young, way too sad and well for me, way too hard to comprehend. I guess I am writing this little bit for Joel and Reef (and myself)....

I remember as clear as a crystal glass being sat down and my uncle telling me my mum had died and wasn’t going to wake from her operation. A stupid operation to fix her leg from skiing. A simple operation. But that was it. BAM.  In his one sentence my world changed for ever.

I can’t remember much in the months that followed except that my emotions were cocooned and expressed through sport. Hence I became an avid sport-escapee. In those days softball, netball, Lacrosse and Water Polo. My art also saved me as did my amazing circle of friends. My dear friends whom were kids themselves just stayed kids and I think that is what I needed most. To stay a kid and not grow up too quick. Anyway I know in my heart of hearts the boys will be ok.

The last time I saw “Team Bowden” in it’s entirety was Australia Day long weekend.  

On one of the nights the “grown ups stayed up” and we went through photos I had taken from tinder of what affectionately shall always be referred to as my “tinder tragedies”.  We laughed so much we were all crying. Then Adam (and his wicked little side kick Jodie)  thought it would be funny to find all the guys in a 10 km radius (which included all the surrounding islands) and drag them to the like side. 

He was so proud of his crafty work telling me, “Sammy it increases your odds”.  He was very disappointed in the morning when I told him I had deleted my account. So funny!
Monkeying around!

I was shocked when Jodes called me with the news of Adam's collapse.   

Like everyone I knew things would never ever be the same in the world again.  It was a massive SHOCK!

I still shed random tears, some for Jodie, some for me and the mate I will miss, and some for Adam as I know how much he relished life.

Jodes has debated keeping this blog going.   I am all for it for many reasons, but mostly because we set it up when Adam was around. When Jodie showed him and explained her intent for doing it (fund raising for Mary, not drinking for the Febfast, tracking her journey) he simply beamed. He was so proud!

And for that reason alone Jodes I hope you keep blogging.

Much love always Sam xx