Friday, 13 February 2015

Half Way

Well I have to say last night was without doubt the hardest night yet! My sister and my mum have come up for the weekend and normally when that happens my beautiful sister and I sit up drinking till late in the night talking rubbish and drinking way too much.

It started at 3pm yesterday afternoon when the devil in disguise Sim (my sister) sent me a txt asking if we really couldn't drink this weekend and that my next blog could be "how I fell off the wagon". I responded with "no, no, no, no, no, no"! She didn't bring the usual carton of cider thank God, mum bought a bottle of wine. Then dad turned up and the question was asked to Adam, "wheres the beer"? Adam had two cold mid strengths in the fridge which Dad and Sim quickly swallowed and a warm six pack in the cupboard which was put in the freezer at a rapid rate and I'm sure you can guess where they ended up once they were cold? In their bellies! Adam was very restrained and at least waited until dinner time before he cracked and had a wine and then a rum.

I love it when my sister visits and I love our boozy catch ups but yesterday afternoon sitting on the deck as the sun was setting watching my Mum, Dad and Sister all enjoying a lovely cold drink and Adam contemplating a rum I actually got a bit pissed off at them all, I may well have even called them a bunch of A-holes. it felt weird not having a drink in my hand, almost un-natural. I thought about getting up and going for a walk but instead I went and pegged out a load of washing while mumbling something under my breath as I walked away. I don't know why I was cranky at them, this was my choice and I don't expect them to not drink just because I'm not but the urge to drink last night was so great and it took a lot for me not to have one. Thankfully Sim didn't bring anything else to drink because the beer ran out very quickly and then she couldn't drink anyway. So there!

It really was a tough afternoon. I drank Budrim ginger cordial and soda which was lovely but I honestly thought about sneaking in a little shot or two of rum into my glass. The little devil on my shoulder was egging me on whispering "go on, no one will know" and as I watched everyone enjoying their bevvies I was getting more and more agitated. Hmmmmm, I don't have a problem at all do I? I would have felt completely shit if I had of had a drink so I'm glad I dug deep and didn't.

We cooked home made pizzas which were delicious and as soon as we had finished eating a little switch in my head went click and my craving disappeared and it was at that point that Adam looked at me and said, "I wish I hadn't had those drinks, I'm very proud of you" And I felt very pleased with myself.

The best thing was that when we all woke up this morning there was no hangover for any of us and we've had a great day walking and swimming at the beach and eating lots of yummy food. I think I'm replacing alcohol with food and that's not bad.

Tonight we are eating salmon and I'm making a chocolate ganache to satisfy my sugar craving.

Tonight will be easier and more bearable for me because there is no alcohol in the house so no one can drink! I might be crossing one of those things off my list. We might be playing board games with the family. 

Sim did ask me if I was sure there was no beer hiding in the house.

Happy Saturday and on a brighter note, I'm half way there :)

Cheers xx