Monday, 2 February 2015

Day 2 Done and Dusted

How about this for a fact;  Drinking more than 4 glasses of alcohol per week can suppress a woman's libido.  So there's another bloody good reason to stop drinking!  You can thank me later for that little piece of GOLD

 Apparently tonic lime and soda without the gin  is great to give your taste buds a good kick, and tonic water also contains a natural body relaxant 'quinine'.  Its also apparently pretty high in sugar but hey, I never said anything about giving up sugar OK!  I've also picked up some coconut water and lime cordial to mix with soda, so I should be just fine thank you very much........

So day two done and dusted and I'm not struggling yet.  I must say though that as soon as I started making dinner after I dragged my raggedy arse into the house at 7:00pm,  I had that same little excitable butterfly in my tummy, the same one who turns up every night right on que, the one that comes with the thought of pouring a glass of wine to have while I stir my garlic and onions;  but  I quickly realised tonight that "oh no no no, NO WINE for you Jodie"!  Habits,  It happens like clockwork and oh what a lovely habit it is but not tonight,  tonight there was no wine, tonight it was water.  Aren't you proud?

Check this out  For a bit of fun, I think I'm going to have a Mocktail Party before the month is up - Why Not?  I'll make it close to the end of the month though so that I'm not tempted to splash a little Voddy or Bacardi into the drinks before they are ingested.

 My good friends Ali and Steve who are also participating in FebFast sent me this picture, I think I'll give it a go too.

I know giving up the grog for a month really isn't a big deal so at the moment I'm not feeling all that proud for what I'm undertaking but I don't doubt that in a few more days (Friday), I'll be suffering in my Y-Fronts and by the end of week two; well, God help anyone who passes my trail but hopefully after that I should come good and life will be all sunshine and lollypops again and then we will have the Mocktail Party.  YAY!

Now before I sign off, check out the link in the top right hand corner which I've added (aren't I clever)  its a direct link to Mary's  GoFund me page.  If you haven't already donated please do and if you already have thank you, thank you, thank you.  Could you also please share around with your friends my blog so that I can get the word out for Mary and to help her get her gorgeous backside to Moscow.   I still haven't worked out the flammin' comments box so I guess I'm not really that clever after all.

Cheers to you xx