Thursday, 12 February 2015

Thirsty Thursday

I heard some very sad news today that Balangan Beach on the Bukit in Bali has had a pretty big fire which burned to the ground 5 or 6 local Warungs.  All were located along the beautiful beach front and the Balinese families that ran them are now out of business and their homes.  So sad.  Balangan Beach is our choice of places to stay when we travel to Bali as it almost feels like the old Bali to us.  Its a very quite beach which is lined with coconut palms and  at least a dozen warungs which, serve the most amazing food and of course large Bintangs.  Every night Adam and I would wander down to the beach to watch the sunset and have a cheap meal and cheap beers. The vibe was very chilled and relaxed, there was no doof doof music, no drunken Aussie louts, very few people trying to sell you stuff on the beach and no shops.   Just awesome waves, beach umbrellas, cheap food and beautiful, friendly people and amazing massages.  Not many people that I've spoken to have heard of it unless they are surfers which of course Adam is. He first discovered it with friends about 25 years ago when there was nothing but a dirt road leading them there.   I read some interesting articles this evening about the fire and I hope the rumour's are not true that the fire was deliberately lit so that developers could come in and build a resort.  The beauty of Balangan is that it is still untouched and there is very little tourism there.  A certain loss for Bali if the developers get their hands on it.  I hope no one was injured.  

On a brighter note 

I have a very big surprise for you all.  Want to hear it?  The divine Miss M (Mary) is coming to do a guest blog tomorrow night so you better make sure you remember to jump on line and check it out in between your Friday night knock off drinks.   I hope you all have one for me.  I'm starting to get very thirsty.  

I found a recipe tonight for a Lemoncello Trifle and got seriously excited that I would be able walk into Dan Murphy's tomorrow afternoon to buy a bottle.  Oh that deliciously smooth and velvety lemon liquor.  I thought it would be OK to make it (and eat it) because its a food not a drink but, NO! NO! NO!  Adam says NO!  Unless its cooked it still has the alcohol content  so I'm not allowed to make it and ultimately eat it.  Now that's support people, Adam saying "no" to me making him a desert.  It certainly doesn't get offered very often in this house so for him to knock it back, sheeeesh!  He's doing it for you Mary, you know that right?  He's keeping me honest that's for sure.  

I must be starting to get desperate though don't you think?  To even come up with that!  An alcoholic desert, what was I thinking?  I'm sure last February didn't last this long.   FebFast! what a crazy idea.

Do you know what is starting to happen now though?  I'm craving sweet food!  Whats up with that?  I never crave sweet food I'm more a savoury person, mmmmmm chippies.  So that 2 kilos that I lost in the last couple of weeks I will no doubt put back on if I keep eating chocolate at the rate that I devoured it tonight whilst sipping my herbal tea (thank you Kylie).

On that note, I'm off to do 100 burpees..... not really,  I'm off to the the land of nod.  You won't hear from me tomorrow but remember to check in and have a read of what the beautiful Ms Mary has to say. 

Cheers xx