Saturday, 7 February 2015

My big fat sober night out

First let me apologies to all my faithful readers for not blogging yesterday but I was too busy having a good time drinking my lemonade lime and bitters at the Fox Hotel at South Bank.  You see,  I did it! I took up the dare and went out and partied till the wee hours of the morning and in the process raised another $100 for Mary.  (Thank you pledgers, you know who you are).   No alcohol, no drugs, and no skinny dipping.   Here I am taking a selfie on the ferry to the mainland, I hate selfies, particularly when random people are watching, its very weird!

There is an upside to not drinking, I don't do crazy ass things like skinny dipping at two in the morning.  In saying that my Nephew Tom, whose birthday it was said on our departure "You are so much much cooler Auntie Jodie when you are drunk"!  Cop that Jodes........  Speaking of Cops, the high light of my night was watching about 12 police officers, ranging from traffic police, motor bike police and two undercover or detective cars pull up across the road to arrest some pitiful fellow whose crime I found  out later, was to verbally abuse one of the traffic police repeatedly even after about 5 "move on" warnings.  What a silly silly man (thats what alcohol does to you people).  It was a wee bit of over kill though on the police front I thought  but they got the job done and our streets are now safer......

Last night actually was fun after I warmed up to the idea of staying sober and sensible.  The lure of the bar was pretty strong it would have been nice to have a cold beer instead of a pineapple juice.  I contemplated a mocktail but "meh"  I couldn't see the point in spending $10 on a non-alcoholic drink.  When did drinking at the pub become so expensive?   No wonder kids take drugs these days, the prices are insane.  The place did have the most amazing selection of draught beers and ciders though,  I was like a kid in a lolly shop with no money to spend, my eyes were like saucers!   I did not however have a tantrum when I couldn't have a cold bevvy, even when Adam broke his fast and had a beer!!!!!!  He is back on the waggon today though lets see for how long he stays there hey?   If I was drinking, I would have had a "fifty lashes", the drink kind, not the Christian Grey kind!

We got home and were all tucked up in bed by midnight after a lovely moonlit boat ride home and I woke up this morning bright eyed and bushy tailed all ready for a day on the beach with my boys at nippers.  What a spectacular day, the sun was shining, the tide was high and there was a soft gentle breeze blowing to  keep us cool.  Magic!  To top if off it was the club championships and one of my boys won his age group (proud mummy moment) but do you know what the best bit was?  The fact that I felt fabulous; no hangover, no headache, no nausea - just alive and happy. 

Life really is a blessing and we must go out and make the most of every day, it's a sin if we we don't.  Live it while you can!  Alcohol has numbed me for too long and I am quite proud of myself for making it this far.  My first sober weekend and I survived. It wasn't that bad, it has given me more resolve to stay sober for the rest of the month and I feel like I have a new spring in my step that I haven't had for a very long time.   I know that each Friday I will have my little internal struggles and crave a drink with friends  but I also know that I have the strength to do this.  I'm doing this for Mary and she will be the reason I make it through. 

I thought of another challenge that I am going to do for Mary;  I am going to run, run every day because I can and she can't.  Mary used to love to run, the hours she would spend at the gym on that bloody treadmill used to do my head in!  I think I was secretly just a little jealous of the fact that she could run for so damn long and I couldn't.....So as of tomorrow because I can, I will run every day;  I will either run around my little idyllic island or I will run on the treadmill at the gym but either way I will run, for Mary.

Cheers xx