Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Hump day week 3 :)

This week is flying past at a rapid rate, I can't believe that it is Wednesday already and another weekend in looming.  This weekend is going to be big for me, I have the wedding and my nephews 18th.  I said to the Groom "just imaging how much money you're going to save by me not drinking at you wedding".  He laughed! 

I thought this FebFast was going to be extremely difficult for me and I bet you thought you would be checking in each night to see just how traumatised I was by not drinking but in fact, I'm actually doing OK!  I'm not craving it any more and its not on my mind every minute after 6pm.  It's probably helping that I'm working my butt off and I'm not getting home before 6:30pm most nights and then flying into the kitchen to prepare dinner, then feed the kids, then get them sorted for bed.  By that time I'm exhausted and I sit down to a cup of tea.  I don't even think about the wine anymore (OK, maybe I'm telling a little white lie there).  I do think about it, but it is very fleeting. 

I thought I would have loads more energy and be bounding out of bed in the morning, but that is just not the case.  I'm still bleary eyed and headachey but I come good after my morning coffee. 

I was talking to a friend the other day and she has been doing an elimination diet.  She is up to day 26 and she is abstaining from alcohol, coffee, sugar and carbs.  I don't know how she is doing it!  Far out, nobody would dare try and take my morning coffee off me at the moment.  Cutting one major thing out of my diet is more than enough thank you very much, I really don't think I could cut coffee as well.  And sugar, thats what I'm craving the most.  Obviously there must  be a lot of sugar in wine because my body is looking for a sugar hit after we've had dinner.  So, I partake in desert with the kids.   You know that 2kgs I lost, yeah well I found it again!

Changing the subject here now.  I want to know how working mums out there manage their time in the week!  My hours have increased at work and I'm now doing about 27hrs a week.   I know thats not really that much in the big scheme of things but, I can't get on top of my housework.  I have about 4 loads of washing to fold and put away, 1 load in the washing machine and 1 load in the dryer.  The floors need a vac and a mop and the bathrooms all need cleaning.   I'm supposed to be folding the washing now while my kids aren't here but instead I thought I would take the opportunity to write my blog so that I don't have to do it later tonight when my eyes are falling out of my head.  Last night was like that, thats why it was "short and sweet".   I need a cleaning fairy.......... yeah right! that's not going happen any time soon.

I haven't taken any photos for ages.  Its because I'm not getting home till late so I'll have to go back through some old ones.  I'll see if I can find one of me and Mary back in the day so you can have a giggle. 

Here's one.  This is on top of Mt Warning in 199?  We walked up in the dark so that we could watch the sunrise but what do you know the cloud was in the way.  Still beautiful.. This is Adam and I, Mary and Andy and our friends Gav and Cindy.  We lived the best life.  Still do, just different.

 There is a huge storm coming tonight so I better go batten down the hatches. Stay safe everyone. 

Cheers xx