Sunday, 1 February 2015

Thank God its February

Well it has begun, today is the 1st February and the first day of my month of sobriety.  I actually woke up this morning and looked at my husband and said "Thank God its February"!  "Now I don't have to drink any more".    I certainly farewelled January with a bang last night.  I don't think I've been up drinking so late since I was in my twenties. 

So what started out as nice sunset drinks after a delightful Summer storm on the deck at a  friends house turned into a late night election party and then a nudie swim at the beach at two in the morning with 3 beautiful ladies and myself.  How daring and mischievous we all felt, actually it was a very nice giggly girlie moment for all of us.  I can't speak for the other girls but my oh my I only just managed to hold it together this morning and I'm only just coming good now.   What a waste of a Sunday!   I did manage to throw myself into the high tide this morning and had the most delightful,  peaceful swim. 

So this isn't the first time that I have attempted a month of sobriety.  I've had good intentions of participating in OctSober as well as Dry July but I have never made it past the first week.  I end up saying to myself "bugger it",  then give up and have a drink.  This time it will be different, I am determined to complete the challenge for so many reasons the main one being for Mary and the second one, my health.  I am hoping that I will loose some weight, I'm currently 68kg which is the heaviest I have every been, I'm looking forward to having more clarity and focus and most importantly learning how to be social without the crutch of a drink in my hand and I have quite a few friends who don't think I can do it and I want to prove them wrong. 

Its going to be tough, in the month of February we have friends who are getting married  and my Nephew is turning 18, both are classic functions that involve drinking alcohol and at both, the drinks are free!!!!   And lets not forget Valentines day, no obligatory champagne for me this year.

I am very grateful for my friends,  just look what my very thoughtful friend Kylie gave me.  Its a wonderful gift to get me through February;  a beautiful glass tea pot and orange cups (my favourite colour) and some delicious herbal teas from T2.   I  got all teary and had a little cry.  So you know what I'm going to be drinking as my new knock of drink don't you?

Cheers xx