Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Here we go round the world


Do you know one of the best things about writing this blog?  I love checking the daily stats to see how many times its been read and where in the world the people are from and so far I have had people from Australia, USA, NZ, France, UAE, UK, Cambodia and Norway and its had 639 page views.    How frikken cool is that!  I'm pretty chuffed, little golf clap for me.

I clicked on Marys Go Fund me page earlier tonight and she has just ticked over $18,000.00 in donations from 132 people which, leaves around $52,000.00 to go to make it to Moscow.  Its must be very daunting for Mary when she sees how much money is needed to get her there but you know what its a bit like that joke;

Q  "How do you eat an elephant"?
A  "One bite at a time"

So one dollar at a time and we are there. That means we need to find 52,000 people who are all happy to donate $1 each, surely thats not too difficult is it?  I don't suppose any one has any connections with Today Tonight do they?  Lets get some publicity going on here people.

I came home from work tonight to find my husband in the kitchen cooking up an Indian feast; chicken korma (made with AB's home made Korma paste), vegetable fritters, rice and papadams.  How good is that?  Hes a good man my Adam he even lovingly offered me a wine which you know I said no to because I am so much stronger than that.  Ppfft, its only day 3 AB and as much as I have thought about it I am yet to be tempted.  Instead I cracked open my lime juice and poured myself and Adam a lime and soda which was cold, bubbly, sweet and refreshing.  It just didn't have the bang that at Vodka Lime and Soda might produce but it was nice just the same.  You know I'm going to really enjoy the 1st of March don't you? You  know I'm thinking about a drink right now don't you? 

Dilema number 1 for February........  Its my nephew Toms 29th birthday on Friday and he's going into BrisVegas to the pub and we've been invited to PARTAY ---- I'm pretty sure he's not going for the food either it will be all about the booze and frivolity and he's a funny bugger so it will be a really really really fun night but I think I'm going to send Adam on his own because its easier to say no to an alcoholic bevvy at this stage when I'm sitting on my bum on my lounge in my house!  Maybe a double challenge is in order, like some one dare me to go PARTAY  but I can't drink and if I succeed, said person donates to Mary.  Bloody Hell, I'm full of good ideas tonight.  Go on someone dare me, I dare you!   

Cheers xx