Wednesday, 4 February 2015


I have been in such a good mood all day today, in fact I have been feeling quite fabulous all week, but this afternoon, I lost my sh*t!  Let me start at the beginning;  This morning my youngest boy begged and pleaded with me to let him take his Nexus 7 tablet to school with him.  I have always had a rule that there is to be no electronic play before school and none after school until homework is finished.  I relented this morning because he has started catching the bus home and wanted to play it on his travels, so against all my instincts I agreed - what a mistake!  The story went something like this;

"Mum did Joel tell you what happened to my tablet"?
"No, he did not Reef, what happened to your tablet"?
"Well, I was sitting down having lunch and my friend Hong ran up and jumped on my bag"
"Your kidding me Reef!  You better not tell me that your tablet is broken"
"Well, its is broken, but it still works, its got a big crack in it and a piece missing, but if I turn it upside down it still works"

This is the thing though, Reef  (9 yrs) has spent over $300 on two tablets in the space of 4 months.  The first one he bought in September with all his birthday money which, lasted till the day after boxing day until he and his brother Joel had a blue and the tablet was dropped on the ground and smashed.....The second tablet he bought he paid for with his Christmas money and vowed he would look after it - he's had it all of about 4 weeks! 

I knew I should have stuck to my guns this morning and just said "NO REEF YOU CANNOT TAKE YOUR TABLET TO SCHOOL"!

I really could have done with a drink tonight.  But instead I went for a walk along the beach and took some really really deep breaths. (and a couple of photos)

OH!  Too angry to be witty tonight